What is YMB?

We operate like a bank but we are not bank, we don’t collect money. We provides platform so that funds are flowing between users.

Our role is solely pairing fund between users who request to provide and get fund.

We operate with 2 simple actions, "Provide Dream Fund" and "Get Dream Fund". With these two actions, system allows users around the world helping each other by transfer and receive Dream Funds. Fund are flowing between hands of users, that means when you provide Dream Funds, fund is transfer to other user directly. When you wish to get Dream Funds, another user will also transfer to your account directly.

YMB Bonus Plan

Static Bonus

Believe or not, spend your money with us for 30 days and what you get will be absolutely unbelievable. We offer packages as follows :

Money You Spend Daily Bonus Total % Increment For 30 Days Total Amount That You Will Earn
USD 100 1% 30% USD 130
USD 500 1% 30% USD 650
USD 1000 1% 30% USD 1300
USD 1500 1.5% 45% USD 2175
USD 2000 2% 60% USD 3200

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus allows you to earn bonus by recommend others to be a part of our system. Referral Bonus is as high as 12% and it is is unlimitted.

When you recommend your friend to provide Dream Funds, you will gain 12% Referral Bonus!

Eg:When you recommend MR LEE, and he provides dream funds for USD 100, you will gain 12% as Referral Bonus. 2nd month while he provides USD 100 again,you gain 12% Referral Bonus again. No matter when MR LEE just provides Dream Funds,there will always be 12% Referral Bonus ready for you.